Ramó & Alegría is an act of great comic illusions, which in record time has been able to appear at some of the best magic festivals throughout Europe.


The curtain opens, and the stage is filled with a comic struggle between Ramó, a perhaps overzealous magician, and Alegría, a stage partner who does not exactly do justice to her name…we find an absurd situation where, through clever humor for all audiences and magic effects like never before presented, the roles and stereotypes we are used to in such a format will be broken, creating problems and crazy moments that are solved with the most unexpected magic.


An unusual and rogue magic act, which may be telling us much more than it might seem.


This act has been awarded to date with the 2nd European Prize for magic in the category of Grand Illusions (FISM ECM 2021), European prize in the category of invention (FISM ECM 2021), 1st National Prize for magic in the category of invention (CNM 2019), 1st National Prize in the category of Grand Illusions CMN 2019, with the Prize awarded by the GENI Club 2019 and with the 2nd Italian National Prize to the category of Grand Illusions 2019.


It is possibly the most awarded act in less time of the current magic scene.




Fakir, bipolar, cheater. No. Wit, impudence, impishness. No… Trying to define Ramo is like trying to understand what a magician is…that. That’s right. Ramó is a magician, even more, he is a passionate creator of new magic effects.

He takes his work and his ideas all over the world, being already recognized with several national and international awards, always looking for something new to surprise with…or to make it explode.

With more than eight years of professional experience in the world of magic and totally in love with it, Alegría is the energy, the sanity, the strength… the head. She works with Ramó as a performer, as well as in the creative process and the technical set up of the shows. Without her, surely, they would not see the light…

She never stops growing and training, participating in congresses, courses and magical conferences to continue evolving as an artist, to continue learning a little more every day… and to stop Ramó’s feet, who can’t take his eyes off her. What a patience.

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